Dear Curious Adventurers

- Welcome on board -


-to start our tattoo adventures -  please message me with following information!

1, design idea/s, as simple as possible (what are your motives, ideas)

2, black work or with color (1 color if it's necessary)

3, maximum size of the design

4, placement ( where exactly you wish to get your tattoo done)

5, photo of the body part you wish to get your tattoo

6, your budget (if there is)

7, when you would like to get your tattoo!


- basic information -

Once we agree on the appointment date and basic ideas, I would ask for an appointment fee. It is to insure your appointment and also to insure my work. This appointment fee is not refundable. This fee will be deducted from the final price, so it will NOT be an extra fee just to make an appointment. However, if you cancel the appointment or fail to inform postponing the appointment, this appointment fee will become your cancellation fee and will not be refunded.
A rough sketch or ideas can be sent to you at latest few days before your appointment date, when it is necessary.

If you wish to make little changes, it is still possible at this point but please let me know as soon as possible!

However, if how you would like to make a change is far from what you informed me in the beginning, then it will require a re-designing fee for making changes, and this fee will be an extra from final price of your tattoo and it is not refundable

If you wish to make changes after you confirmed the ideas, then it might require a new design fee. It is also an extra fee from final price and it is not refundable.

- If there is any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! I won't bite! -

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