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Dear Curious Adventurers

- Welcome on board -


-to start our tattoo adventures -  please send me your inquiry including following information!

1, Your ideas  (what's your motif as an object, please BE SPECIFIC, your list shall be SIMPLE and WITHOUT any explanations) 

    + ONE main object :

    + sub objects :

    you can also let me know the theme along with your motif ideas :

2, size

3, Which body part you wish to get your tattoo (exact placement, right, left)

4, Photo of the body part you wish to get your tattoo done (NO selfies, NO mirrored, No angled photos please!!) 

   * Please ask someone or set a timer to take a photo.

   * Photo should be taken from a straight angle

   * Capture the whole figure of the body part where you wanna get your tattoo done(e.g : capture whole arm for inner forearm project)


5, Which month /day( Tue - Fri ) would you like to book your appointment?


6, Country of residence


7, Are you over 20 years old?

    If "NO", please let me know your age: 


8, Do you have any allergy or medical condition which you would like to inform?

      (eg : diabetes, hepatitis, HIV, allergy to any metal / latex / nitrile .....)


9, Your full name and phone number


- If there is any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! I won't bite! -

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